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New to this year's services, we are offering watercraft launch and recovery. This service is completely customizable to suit your requirements. Towing a large vessel can be stressful (not to mention chaotic at the boat ramp) even if you only do it every now and again, so why not let us do it for you. I have 8 years of experience with watercraft due to being an ex RLNI crew. I have a powerboat license and radio qualifications to back this up. Whether you want your craft simply launching and recovering at the end of the day or launching and moving to a local mooring, we can help. We can take your boat or vessel back to your property or storage unit.  For an extra charge, we can keep hold of it for the day at our premises. This service is local to Falmouth and the surrounding areas; there is a minimum charge for this service.
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Motor Boat in Sea
Boat Launch and Recovery: Services
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